A Need for SPEED!

At EMIT Technologies, the status quo is challenged every single day. The result? Innovation! In an industry where equipment dating back 20 years is not difficult to find, that’s a big deal.
Through the course of the last year EMIT has developed and released a complete line of engine speed control products, but why should you care? After all, your engines already have speed control, right? EMIT’s speed governors challenge the conventional ideology of mechanical speed governing: they feature a robust, integrated electronic throttle body, the ability to automatically adjust engine speed to account for changes in suction or discharge pressure, and a proprietary throttle control algorithm that responds quickly to changes in engine load without high frequency jitter that invokes excessive wear. That means better control, better fuel economy, better life, and far fewer trips on-site to make adjustments. Day in and day out, these are things that save EMIT’s customers time and money, but unfortunately, speed control can’t work unless the system is physically compatible with your engine.

EMIT’s list of speed control supported engines includes the CAT3300NA/TA both “A” and “B” models, CAT3406NA, CAT3408TA, Cummins G5.9, G8.3, KTA19, and Arrow VRG330/330CF. If you’re looking to get started, EMIT can have a complete control system for any of these engines on your door step in as little as two weeks. Don’t see your engine on the list? Pick up the phone! Speed control is an active development project which means the list of supported engines is only going to grow. Drop a hint and you’ll get a call back when EMIT supports speed control for your engine. Bear in mind; however, that speed control is only one of EMIT’s strong suits.

EMIT has historically been a leader in engine controls for stationary natural gas engines. Beginning with the EDGE air-fuel ratio controller, EMIT’s line of engine control modules has grown to include advanced, patented air-fuel ratio control technology in the AFRCA, complete data logging capability with the EMD, time saving speed control with GOV, consistent ignition control and extensive diagnostics in the ICM, and complete annunciator alarm coverage with ANN. The best part? Each module (AFRCA, EMD, GOV, etc.) can be used independently or in conjunction with any of the others. That means you can purchase only the modules you need with the option to expand at any time in the future. So, whatever your engine control needs, give EMIT Technologies the opportunity to earn your business. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen Christensen, Mechanical Engineer, Product Development 8/15/16