Exhaust/Intake Package

Your exhaust and intake system are critical components to the performance of your engine. By working with EMIT you are able to source all of your needs in a way that best meets your application requirements. With in-house design and fabrication, our Applications Engineering group will assist you in finalizing all the necessary details to allow for a custom solution tailor made to your exact application.

These details include all catalytic converters, exhaust and intake piping, supports, and hardware to fully complete your exhaust and intake solution.


Platform/Structural Package

EMIT Technologies engineers and fabricates custom Cooler Top, Engine, Intake Filter, and Compressor Platform Solutions to meet customer workspace requirements. Each platform is designed in compliance with today’s Industry Standard Safety Standards and provides a safe and secure workspace for operational personnel to work. EMIT Technologies also offers, optional accessory items such as; Surge Tanks, Ladders, Stairs, and Cooler mounted cranes for lifting and removing catalyst elements.

EMIT also engineers and fabricates Upper Structures for exhaust and Intake piping along with site specific pipe supports and structural components. Like all EMIT products and services, our Structural Solutions are quality focused with an emphasis on short lead time and consistent engineering support.


Catalyst Package

EMIT Technologies catalyst elements are engineered to provide you with a high performance solution for your targeted emissions reduction needs. All models employ EMIT’s Brazed Construction Technology superior in withstanding the thermal expansion and contraction that causes element failure.

Whether it is NOx, CO, VOCs, or Formaldehyde that you are targeting, EMIT Technologies has developed the ideal catalyst solution to address your emissions challenges.


Control Package

Your Control Panel is the ultimate end result of your control strategy. With EMIT’s Total Solution (ETS), you can now complete your control solutions with a single OEM. Building upon our industry renowned customer service and support, you can breathe easy knowing that the design, fabrication and support requirements of your control system are in capable hands.

Whether you have a G3306 NA, G3516B, L7044GSI, or a 3616 EMIT has the Panel solution for your needs. EMIT will work closely with you to develop an aligned strategy that streamlines your business processes within a single platform by integrating Annunciator and Compressor controls with modular Air/Fuel Ratio, Ignition, and Speed controls.


Emissions Testing

Utilizing the latest technology, EMIT has the ability to break down the molecular structure of an engine’s exhaust to provide the most accurate emissions diagnostics available. The FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) method provides real time and simultaneous gas analysis and provide several benefits over the conventional FID (Field Ionization Detectors) method:

  • Requires minimum calibration
  • Increased accuracy and consistent analysis
  • Best method for measurement of formaldehyde
  • More cost effective, all inclusive analysis tool

However, you understand that the best technology in the world means nothing if you can’t execute. EMIT knows that timeliness, professionalism, and a flexible working relationship are key to success in the field and this is evident in our advance planning job coordination efforts and post test report creation processes.


Performance Data

Sometimes all you need is an understanding of what performance you can achieve with your existing control equipment. Upon request, EMIT can quickly provide a Performance Data Sheet showing your pre/post catalyst performance which can be used in the permitting process.


Field Compliance Services

EMIT Technologies’ Field Service Organization provides field support to customers throughout North America that require assistance in their compliance activities. From emissions troubleshooting to full turnkey equipment installation and set-up, EMIT has highly qualified field personnel to support your organization.

  • Turnkey Installations and Retrofits
  • Project Scope Development
  • Project Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Performance Validation
  • Project Documentation

Performance Optimization

With EMIT’s ETS controls platform you can breathe easy knowing you have a flexible and user-friendly platform that is designed for both the mechanic and the manager.


Field Support

Sometimes you just need some help. EMIT has built a reputation around its willingness to support you at a field level. Given the fact that we design and manufacture our products in-house, this is where we get our best ideas.


Product Training

Your success with our products means we both win. EMIT’s training program is truly designed with the operator in mind. We can do onsite training with our mobile training engine or at EMIT’s Training Center in Sheridan, WY


Aftermarket Parts & Services

Things break, and when they do we understand the urgency of replacement. EMIT stocks regional inventory of replacement products for same day pickup or delivery. We also wash and recycle catalyst elements for credit toward replacement purchases.