Problem controller? We can help!

At EMIT Technologies we take pride in and stand behind our work, which is why we offer a one-year warranty on our electronic controls components. Even after the warranty has expired we offer repair services for your EMIT electronic controllers. Repair services are provided for the following units:

  • EDGE NG- Single and Dual Bank
  • EIM
  • AFRC: Lite and Advanced
  • Ignition Controls
  • Governor Controls
  • Annunciator Controls

We repair standard wear and tear items, and charge based on the nature of the repair. Typical repairs range from a replacement of a standard keypad all the way to a PCB. This service helps to extend the life of your controller, and allows you to maximize your investment.

We understand that getting units repaired and back into service is critical to our customer’s business. To help us speed up the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process, there are a few items that are critical for us to know:

  • Type of controller you have.
  • Serial number of the controller.
  • Summary of the issue you are encountering.
  • Purchase order, if you would like us to simply repair and return the unit.
  • Customer contact and return to ship address.

All RMAs require a reference number. These help us in tracking the unit through the repair process. To obtain an RMA reference number either email or call 307-673-0883.

If you require expedited repair, please let us know and we can facilitate a quick turnaround to meet your needs. Our standard process for handling RMAs is to diagnose on Thursdays, and repair them on Tuesdays. The time gap allows for communication with customers on required repairs and to allow for authorization to repair.

At EMIT, we are always available if you have any questions about your existing controllers. If you are installing a unit and have a question, or need help trouble shooting an existing unit, we are just a phone call away. If you lost your controller manual and need a new one, we can email you one same day. EMIT enjoys interacting with our customers. It gives us a chance to understand what our customers experience in the field, which in turn allows us to improve the products that we are proud of!

For a full outline of our RMA process for repairing controllers please reference:  EMIT TECHNOLOGIES RMA PROCESS

Katie Schultz, SOP Manager     7/27/2016