Job Shop Flexibility – Manufacturing Performance

We at EMIT Technologies tailor solutions to your application.  We have all read articles about companies being successful at offering job-shop flexibility with the performance and efficiency of manufacturing.  How is EMIT able to offer this same performance and what does that mean for you?

For starters, several of our solutions have been pre-engineered, encompassing thousands of configurations to choose from.  Likely, one of our pre-engineered solutions will fit you application, and we will be able to begin building you product quickly.  No need to worry if one of these solutions don’t fit exactly what you need.  These pre-engineered solutions give both you and us a framework to begin work, quickly getting to the specifics of your requirements and ultimately to a solution.  Pre-engineered solutions include exhaust piping, intake piping, silencing, ladders, stairs, and work platforms.

EMIT’s engineering staff works in-house which allows us to gain immediate insight into your requirements, working closely with your folks to understand your challenges.  Our engineers are familiar with our manufacturing processes which allows products to be designed with both your requirements and manufacturability in mind – delivering a faster solution.  Leveraging our quality management system, we perform design reviews with all jobs accomplishing three things: ensuring that both manufacturing and supply chain understand your requirements, identifying and mitigating potential risks, and ensuring that all your requirements are met.

EMIT leverages our CAD and ERP integration to pass your approved design directly from engineering into manufacturing, increasing our delivery speed and reducing potential risks from a “manual” hand-off.  Every project is driven through, and is uniquely identified in, our manufacturing process by our ERP system: instructing when each work center is to perform each task, ensuring that your product stays on time – meeting your required date.

EMIT’s manufacturing process also includes quality checks throughout our process.  At these stages in manufacturing, key characteristics are inspected for accuracy.  Detected non-conformances are identified, documented, and contained within manufacturing reducing the impact of disturbances in our work flow, again keeping your product on time.

Lastly, if an issue does arise, which we are embarrassed to say they do on occasion, our processes are designed to quickly address these issues.  Our first and highest priority is to ensure our customers can continue work on their project; which can include repair in the field, repair in our facility, or replacement.  However, we don’t stop there; we continue work to find the root cause of the issue and understand why the issue occurred.  A corrective action is put in place to address the root cause so that this issue will not occur again – always working to improve our processes.

These are a few of the steps we, at EMIT, take to maximize our flexibility in meeting your needs while at the same time fabricating a solution quickly so that you can continue to meet your customer’s demands.

Justin Carlson, Process Support Engineer        9/8/2016


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