Innovation separates a leader from a follower…If you are not afraid of failure and want to be a leader who is all in with a creative company that gets stuff done and doesn’t just talk about it, take the initiative to contact EMIT and we would be glad to talk to you about your future.


  • Lead / Manage / And Hold Accountable the Product Development Team
  • Solutions development workflow process management (SDP)
  • Product development ownership
  • Lead development standards and workflows
  • Interact with Business Development to meet Business targets

Substantial Goals

  • Consistent ownership of roles and accountabilities in the product development team
  • Implement Solutions Development Processes to manage product development projects to plan
  • Sustain strategic process focus in an environment with growing product diversity
  • Systems process and accountability definition for all roles within product development

Experience Required

  • BS in Engineering, Technical Field, Business Field or related successful experience in a similar industry
  • 5 or more years engineering and management experience
  • English required

Salary Range $65,000 to 84,500


Please email resume to