EMIT’s Total Solution

Our latest control platform, EMIT’s Total Solution, or ETS, is a bold claim, but an honest one. The ETS was fully developed from the ground up with your needs in mind. Integrating a free standing Display system with modular control systems EMIT can help you design the perfect system to meet your needs.

We have integrated Annunciator and Compressor controls with a full suite of engine controls, Air/Fuel Ratio, Ignition, and Speed. This gives you the perfect platform for fleet integration. With newly packaged equipment, you have the option to fully align your controls with a single platform across all engine models. Likewise, with your legacy fleet you can modernize your controls one module at a time minimizing capital investment but not your long term options.

Best of all, as the needs of the industry and your fleet evolve, the ETS provides a flexible hardware platform that will continue to evolve together for years to come with no physical changes.