QUAD PACK®'s Auxiliary package supplies all the standard components necessary to complete construction of your natural gas compressor compression system. Each part of the Auxiliary package is pre-engineered and approved by our engineers, and complete with the quality and durability EMIT is known and trusted for.

All elements of the Auxiliary package are designed and manufactured for ultimate compatibility and reliability.


Compiling easy-to-overlook but necessary components — including everything from utility pipe supports to surge tanks — QUAD PACK®'s Auxiliary package supplies the vital finishing touches required by any system.


All components in the Auxiliary package are selected and configured to your individual piping and instrumentation. Considering these parts with the overall system, rather than as an afterthought, ensures a more holistic product from the beginning of your compressor design process — and one that is more easily assembled.


Pre-engineered purposefully to guarantee excellence and availability, QUAD PACK®'s Auxiliary components are manufactured with EMIT quality at EMIT speed — providing you with dependable products precisely when you need them.