EMIT Community

Antelope Butte | Winter 2018

Our flagship fundraiser was a resounding success.

When Antelope Butte originally opened in 1961, it provided surrounding communities with the opportunity to be active during the winter months. When it closed in 2004, those communities were left with only fond memories. The Antelope Butte Foundation has been working tirelessly since 2011 to bring it back to life as a year-round mountain recreation center.





When choosing a flagship campaign for the #EMITCommunity Project, EMIT saw the potential impact it could have on the Antelope Butte project.

To galvanize the community into action, EMIT issued a challenge: for every $1 donated to Antelope Butte, EMIT would match those contributions up to $100,000. The campaign was seen beyond US borders and resulted in a total of 53 donations. Those donations included a $100,000 donation and $3,336 from Giving Tuesday efforts.

Not only was the goal reached, and $100,000 matched, but the support continued beyond the original target to $221,327.

After 14 years, and with EMIT’s help, Antelope Butte reopened running light operations on December 28th, 2018, ready for the local community and all of Wyoming to join them on the mountain. The reopening was featured in USA Today and Wyoming Magazine.

Looking to the future, EMIT, through the #EMITCommunity Project, is extremely excited to continue its efforts in making Wyoming a better state for everyone.


At the close of 2018, EMIT issued a challenge to our local community.

You rose to that challenge and rallied behind the Antelope Butte Foundation, a group committed to re-opening our local outdoor recreation area and providing new opportunities for our community and youth to enjoy the natural resources we have at our disposal. Together we raised over $220,000 in support of Antelope Butte. Thanks in part to your support, Antelope Butte has begun light operations for the first time in 14 years.

At EMIT, we have two flags––a Blue Flag and a Black Flag. We raise our Blue Flag when we win, finish well, or complete a goal. Today, we are proud to once again raise our Blue Flag.

I would like to thank everyone in the community who came together to help make our flagship #EMITCommunity campaign a success. We have proven what can happen when dozens of people rally behind a common cause in this community. We at EMIT are committed to building a network of people like you–people who respond to community needs with action, whether large or small.  We are excited for the reopening of Antelope Butte and the future impact of the #EMITCommunity project.

See you on the slopes,

Casey D. Osborn