EMIT Community

Fort Phil Kearny | Fall 2018

Working together to make a difference in the community.





EMIT was looking for an opportunity to have a long-lasting impact on our community where resources could be used long into the future. This opportunity would mean ready access to research and education, bringing unique capabilities closer than ever to the community. It would also have the ability to grow with additional gifts—expanding on the capacity for educational experiences and the opportunity to construct a knowledge platform that other community members can also build upon.

In July 2018, EMIT donated $33,000 towards the purchase of a PodMAX dome and the Meade LX200 telescope for the sky-lab/observatory at the Fort Phil Kearny Historic Site.

The observatory opened in August of 2018, and the employees and families of EMIT were invited to an exclusive viewing on July 27th, 2018. The views from the telescope into the night sky are second to none! The observatory, intended for the hobbyist, educator, and future researcher in all of us is open year-round to the public. Learn more about the SkyLab at Fort Phil Kearny here.

We’ll say the stars were aligned with Fort Phil Kearny for this exciting project! Always looking to the future, EMIT is anxious to continue our efforts in supporting Wyoming through even more opportunities for education, research, and community-building! #EMITCommunity

Final Thoughts

The Fort Phil Kearny Observatory was an idea we were very happy to support. It aligns with so many of the things we are into: Passion, Initiative, Creativity, Execution, and STEM! Misty’s vision and passion not only helped get the Observatory off the ground, but she also worked hard to take it to the finish line, we simply gave her a little fuel.

At EMIT, we have two flags––a Blue Flag and a Black Flag. We raise our Blue Flag when we win, finish well, or complete a goal. We are proud to once again raise our Blue Flag.

I would also like to thank Justin Carlson, Solutions Architect Lead (Industry 4.0), for his hard work, dedication, and diligence in making this a project a reality. Because of him, the project was a success. We at EMIT are committed to building a network of people who respond to community needs with action, whether large or small.  

We are excited for the future impact of the #EMITCommunity project.

Casey D. Osborn