EMIT Community

Highland Park Elementary School Donation | Spring 2019

Investing in our youth’s education means investing in Sheridan’s future.



With education being something not only Sheridan County but the entire state of Wyoming excels at, we wanted to play a part to help continue that leadership.

Recently, EMIT made a donation to Highland Park Elementary School to support the purchase of new library and literacy performance books. Highland Elementary School follows a balanced literacy program that integrates various modalities of literacy instruction, aimed at guiding students towards proficient and lifelong reading.

EMIT is proud to provide this donation to further advance education and the love of reading in our community.

Early childhood literacy is critical to a community’s well-being. We are excited to support Highland Elementary students, and potential future EMIT employees, while play a part in advancing literacy among Sheridan’s youth. 

Casey D. Osborn

…the donation is absolutely going to change how our teachers are able to teach reading. The amount of choice that they are going to have, the amount of new life it’s going to bring to the pictures, and the current practice will bring us up to date and up to speed- and everything else will just propel from here. 

Scott Cleland
Principal, Highland Park Elementary School