Bringing superior function to your natural gas emissions system, QUAD PACK® Control is both integrated and adaptable. The QUAD PACK® Control system is a single, standard product with a familiar look and feel that adapts to all application sizes, makes, and models across an entire fleet.

The QUAD PACK® Control panel eliminates unnecessary downtime and expenses by providing ownership over configurations. QUAD PACK® Control provides premium functionality for our partners in the natural gas emissions industry.


Our control platform is the only one in the world that combines compressor control, engine data collection, and telematics, simplifying your supply chain and enhancing your operations.


The touchscreen is a 12” display and communications hub for interacting with all EMIT control modules. On screen, data is presented in a variety of forms that allow for system diagnostics, technical troubleshooting, and module interaction. On-screen graphs display on-site operating trends while the system also generates dynamic insights, allowing for off-site or remote-aid diagnostics.


Each control module has been developed with standardization and reliability in mind. A user-friendly interface provides maximum ease of use for operators, while data is pulled and returned in a standard format and in real time.