Quad Pack® is the complete solution for building your natural gas compression system, reducing thousands of decisions to one. Everything we do is driven by the desire to help you get stuff done — and Quad Pack® is no different.

Natural gas compression systems start off easy enough: an engine, a compressor, a cooler. Then there's everything else: the exhaust system, catalysts, engine control, platforms, pedestals, pipe supports, ladders, and all the accessories you need to make your application actually work, safely and reliably. Not to mention confirming that everything arrives on time, fits together perfectly, assembles easily, and works smoothly — all within your budget.

Quad Pack® makes all of that simple, by re-engineering the economics of how natural gas compression is designed, packaged, and operated.

Ensuring your natural gas compression system not only works, but excels, begins with a design that does the same. Quad Pack® offers a fast, comprehensive product that meets the precise demands of your application. And with Quad Pack® Bundles, you’ll have every part you need for intelligent packaging and painless assembly.

Once your application is fully installed, you can breathe easy knowing you’re in the smartest of hands with Quad Pack® Control, complete with a touchscreen and performance modules that control the compressor and engine, powered by an intuitive operating system built for real-time insight and long-term evolution.

By streamlining this entire process, we’re making waves of economic impact for everyone involved — saving time and money while delivering world-class solutions.

Quad Pack® is more than a suite of industry-leading products, backed by top-notch customer service. It’s a way of thinking that’s simply smarter, that takes you all the way from concept to completion.