SuperCAT Exhaust

Simplify compliance with noise and emissions regulations when you choose SuperCAT Exhaust Solutions. With a wide range of compliance requirements affecting your fleet, HouseCAT®, SuperCAT, and SuperCAT+ Catalyst solutions systems help you meet the exact cost and performance needs of your unique compression application.

Each system can be designed with a number of materials, coating formulations, and acoustic strategies. Performance modeling for permitting is based on site-specific fuel conditions — resulting in a solution precisely designed to meet your needs.

When regulations are least stringent and minimal reduction is required, HouseCAT is your most cost-effective solution.

Designed to function in the vast majority of all regulatory environments, SuperCAT is the benchmark for catalyst performance.

When your application needs an enhanced resistance to poisoning or you need to knock out the heaviest of VOCs, SuperCAT+ answers the call day after day.


EMIT fabricates a complete line of catalyst solutions — HouseCAT, SuperCAT, and SuperCAT+ — to fit your emissions application requirements. Brazed catalyst substrate provides enhanced mechanical durability and greater resistance to thermal shock. Integrated silencing options also allow for streamlined design and cost savings. Our catalysts are used and known worldwide for their quality construction and ease of access.


We’ve created three levels of SuperCAT Silencers to assist in your noise mitigation challenges.




With in-house design and fabrication services, we offer solutions configured to your individual application.


Your exhaust and intake system are critical components to the performance of your engine. SuperCAT Exhaust systems allow you to source all of your needs in a way that best meets your application requirements. With in-house design and fabrication, our QUAD PACK® engineers will assist you in finalizing all of the necessary details.